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      Jonathan Mason aka Jon Mason Money is a New York native who was raised in South Florida. After graduating high school, Jon attended Jacksonville University on a full academic athletic scholarship for his passion sport, soccer. After graduating college, he was forced retire sports after an unfortunate chain of injuries resulting in a total of 6 knee surgeries.


Forced to change career paths, Jon focused his (ever so high amounts) of energy into the business world by way of breakdancing and entertainment.  He soon became a top rated entertainer across the state of Florida performing at weddings, bar mitzvahs, and private events.  Quickly turning that into his own business, Jon got his early start on entrepreneurship.


After the recession of 2008, and witnessing his family go through difficult financial times, Jon realized that he wanted to change his and his family’s life for good and that he needed to do something drastically different than what he was already doing. His formal education did not teach him how money works in the real world and in realizing this; he sought out to make big changes in his life.


In 2009, he decided to partner with PHP Agency, a top financial marketing organization. He soon became one of the first handfuls of people to become co-owner of the company and currently leads in training hundreds of agents across the country. Since his humble beginnings at PHP, he is now the go-to guy for national expansion in training and development. Jon’s tenacity to make a difference and ability to overcome obstacles in his life has inspired thousands across the nation.



How Jon Got His Start at PHP


In 2009, he received a phone call from Patrick Bet-David, the CEO of PHP and founder and host of Valuetainment. After an introduction to Patrick from his brother, Patrick invited him to fly out to California to meet him. After interviewing and looking at other big name firms, PHP had an energy that was unlike anything he had seen before. The people were genuine, the culture was beyond exciting, and the innovation and vision of the company’s leader, Patrick, was contagious. Jon knew he immediately had to become a part of the company.


After returning to Florida, Jon made the decision that he would do whatever it took to become part of PHP. While it can take people up to weeks or months to get licensed, Jon studied hard and was licensed within one week.


At that time, the company was still growing and there were no offices to work out of in Florida, since the company’s headquarters was in California. There were no training manuals, and no educational websites. He was on his own learning from webinars with help from his mentor, Patrick.

Jon began recruiting and building his team on the east coast out of local Starbucks, Panera Bread, and anywhere else you could find quality coffee.


After growing his team large enough, he knew that it was time to open up his first office in order for his career to take off. Being new to the industry and never had opened an office before, he realized he would need to take a leap of faith in order for his business to grow. With the leadership of PHP, he was able to open up the first office on the east coast based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Since then, he has been able to help grow the agency nationally and has an organization that spreads across the US, with teams and multiple offices expanding throughout the US. Jon is a pure entrepreneur that loves to push the envelope. He sets a great example for millennials who want to become business owners and entrepreneurs.


His goal is to spread the message that you don’t have to come from a financial background to become a financial expert, and if you have great leadership and direction, you too can help change the direction of your life.